One of our larger customers has been multiplying his canvassing power by handing out our buttons for free in mostly lower-income communities around California as well as sending out bags of buttons to canvassing groups in early states. You may have seen some of his efforts on Reddit.


We'd like to support his efforts by enabling other Berners to contribute buttons to his effort. To do so simply choose how much you'd like to give by selecting "quantity" -- e.g., if you'd like to give $5 select quantity of 5, if you'd like to give $10 select quantity of 10, etc.


Remember, if you're using a promo code to buy some buttons to be sent to you AND donating some buttons to #ButtonsAgainstTheBernieBlackout Project, your donation amount will be reduced by the same percentage as your button order, so you'll want to adjust your contribution upward accordingly.


Delegate Pack - Regular


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